Hauser's Superior View Farm, Bayfield, WI - <B>Northern Field-Grown Perennials, Greenhouse, Cherries, Berries, Apples, & Cidery<B>
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The Hauser Family Story

Northern Field-Grown Perennials, Greenhouse, Cherries, Berries, Apples, & Cidery

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Hauser's Superior View Farm, Bayfield, WI - <B>Northern Field-Grown Perennials, Greenhouse, Cherries, Berries, Apples, & Cidery<B>

In 1908, a Swiss American family named Hauser settled in Bayfield, Wisconsin. Great-Grandpa John Hauser was a gifted horticulturist who grew strawberries and prize winning potatoes. When the embargo on seeds from Europe began in 1912, Great-Grandpa saw this as a great opportunity to grow and sell perennial plants. Today, Hauser's Superior View Farm is one of the largest producers of northern field-grown perennial plants in the country. (Zone 3-4). Hauser's ships perennial plants all over the United States every spring and fall.

In 1928, during the depth of the great depression Grandpa J. Dawson Hauser started his first apple orchard as a way to make extra income for his growing family. Hauser's currently have about 2,000 various types of apple trees on 30 acres.

In 1988, Marilyn Hauser started a jam kitchen making Hauser's Red Barn very own homemade jams, jelly and apple butter as a way to preseve that just picked flavor from the various fruit grown right here on the farm. All of Hauser's jam, jelly and apple butter is locally grown and homemade in small bataches in our state-inspected and approved kitchen.

The one thing that has remained constant through all the years of Hauser's Superior View Farm is the passing of the farm from father to son. Jim Hauser Jr. and his wife Ellen are now the proud owners of Hauser's with a lot of help from Jim Hauser Sr. Jim Jr.'s son, Dane Hauser has now begun to work with his father and grandfather to become the fifth generation of Hauser's at Hauser's Superior View Farm.

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