Hauser's Superior View Farm, Bayfield, WI - <B>Northern Field-Grown Perennials<B>
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Perennial shipping ends the week of May 31!

States We Can Ship Our Plants To

Northern Field-Grown Perennials

May 31, 2016            My Shopping Cart
Hauser's Superior View Farm, Bayfield, WI - <B>Northern Field-Grown Perennials<B>

Hardy, Northern Field-Grown Perennial Plants!
Hardy, Northern Field-Grown Perennial Plants!
  • Plant orders
    will be shipped, weather permitting - on your preferred shipping date. Please indicate when you would like to receive your perennials. If you do not have a preferred date we will ship according to your hardiness zone.
  • Hauser's does not ship
    during the summer months.
  • Fall shipping
    typically begins in September and runs until late October, weather permitting.
  • State We Can Ship To Comments
    Alabama YES  
    Alaska No  
    Arizona No  
    Arkansas YES  
    California No  
    Colorado YES  
    Connecticut YES  
    Delaware YES  
    District of Columbia YES  
    Florida YES  
    Georgia YES  
    Hawaii No  
    Idaho YES  
    Illiniois YES  
    Indiana YES  
    Iowa YES  
    Kansas YES  
    Kentucky YES  
    Louisiana YES  
    Maine YES  
    Maryland YES  
    Massachusetts YES  
    Michigan YES  
    Minnesota YES  
    Mississippi YES  
    Missouri YES  
    Montana YES  
    Nebraska YES  
    Nevada YES  
    New Hampshire YES  
    New Jersey YES  
    New Mexico YES  
    New York YES  
    North Carolina YES  
    North Dakota YES  
    Ohio YES  
    Oklahoma YES  
    Oregon YES  
    Pennsylvania YES  
    Rhode Island YES  
    South Carolina YES  
    South Dakota YES  
    Tennessee YES  
    Texas YES  
    Utah YES  
    Vermont YES  
    Virginia YES  
    Washington YES  
    West Virginia YES  
    Wisconsin YES  
    Wyoming YES  

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