Hauser's Superior View Farm, Bayfield, WI - <B>Northern Field-Grown Perennials, Greenhouse, Cherries, Berries, Apples, & Cidery<B>
Our store is closed for the season. Our 2019 Field-Grown Perennial listing is now updated so you can plan your garden. Order now and we'll ship in the spring!!

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Northern Field-Grown Perennials, Greenhouse, Cherries, Berries, Apples, & Cidery

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Hauser's Superior View Farm, Bayfield, WI - <B>Northern Field-Grown Perennials, Greenhouse, Cherries, Berries, Apples, & Cidery<B>

Please review our Terms & Conditions for your order.


  1. All orders must be paid by credit card--VISA or Mastercard only. If you wish to use a check of money order, please mail your order.
  2. Best care is taken in packaging, but all plants travel at purchasers risk. Our spring orders will be shipped on your preferred shipping date indicated on your order form, weather permitting. If you do not indicate a preferred date, we will assign a best time to ship to your location. In spring, acknowledgements will be sent indicating your shipping date.
  3. If you would like to pick up your order at the farm, please select WI for sales tax and indicate in the special instructions the day you would like to pick up the order. We will delete the shipping charge from your final invoice.
  4. No consideration can be given for shortages not reported within 10 days.
  6. Plants ordered at the dozen or 50 rate MUST be of same variety and color, no mixed. For example 50 Day Lily Anzac would receive the 50 pricing; however 25 Anzac and 25 Hyperion would be under to dozen pricing.
  7. We cannot replace stock lost by causes over which we have no control. We do not assume any warranty as to productiveness or life after transplanting. We are not responsible for winter kill.
  8. Orders on terms have a service charge of 2% per month for accounts over 30 days.
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